In an attempt to minimize my no longer used possessions, I’m trying to sell a huge chunk of my physical media collection through this website. It’s mostly compact cassettes, but there are also LPs, CDs and even a small number of VHS tapes. The material stored on these mediums can mostly fall under the genres “experimental”, “hip-hop”, “vaporwave” and “ambient”.

You can see it all in the linked pictures on the right-hand side! A full list of everything, including prices, can be viewed in the inventory/ section of this website. If that list seems a little intimidating to browse to you, you can also get a quick overview of the collection on my discogs profile – it does however miss 127 items.

Everything in this collection has been treated with nothing but love, stored under pretty good conditions in a smoke-free home and only played back (if at all) once or twice on properly maintained high quality audio MASCHInes! This means, mostly everything is still in the condition I have originally received it in. I replaced norelcos if they were too badly damaged from shipping. Most of the LP’s paper sleeves have been replaced with nagaoka anti-static sleeves.

I also still have all miscellaneous stuff that came with releases, but it is all thrown together in a box. I’ll do my best to include the correct stuff, but if there is some particular thing that you know came with a release, and you absolutely need that thing, please let me know of it with your order.

I tried to keep the pricing of items as fair as possible, while also not offering sought-after stuff for too little. It’s mostly based on the median “market-value”. If you find the price of a particular item to be unfair, please let me know. Should I agree with you, I am happy to correct it.

Very important infos for ordering can be found in the rules/ section of this website. You’ll have to read it before making an order. The values in that section may change over the course of time.

This collection has been more or less carefully curated. You can pick any tape blindly here and I guarantee you, you will be in for a lovely or at least interesting experience;-) Feel free to ask me for recommendations! (you have to provide some info though)

email address for everything is: turs at posteo.net